Cycle Training and Fasting

4 Phases of your Cycle & Fasting

Two years ago I couldn’t have dreamed of fasting or living a cycle lifestyle, I just did=n’t have the mental capacity. My body hurt all the time, I was exhausted every morning and my body composition was changing  despite my efforts to stay lean. WTF, was going on. I mean I had been a personal trainer, group fitness instructor for over a decade. I knew how to eat, what to eat and when to optimize the food I was eating. Yet it was like the rules changed once I turned 40. Can you relate?

I knew I needed to make changes but to be frank I didn’t have the energy for it. So I decided to take it day by day and slowly regain my health with mindset (this was a huge first step), sleep, rest (these are different), and yes exercise and diet. It took me 18 months to reverse the metabolic damage I did to my body and 18 months to have grace for what I thought I was doing “right” . Then I found cycle living and training from my mentor Jenn Pike. If you are not listening to her each week you are missing out on her wealth and abundance of knowledge. I had no idea I had 4 phases each month my body went through. I thought I was on my period or off it. Pretty simple. Boy was I wrong.

In this video, you will learn what these 4 phases are and a little bit about fasting like a girl. This is a book I highly recommend you check out too.


Fasting for your cycle. How is that different from your standard IF? Knowing what phase of the month you are in will help you determine how long you fast from. In this video you are going to learn a little bit about my journey into healing my adrenals and now how I align my body with my cycle when I eat, strength train and really live out each day feeling and looking my best.

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