The “Vid” finally got the Moores

The “Vid” finally got the Moores

Well, the “vid” finally got me. After all the years of avoiding it and staying well, this little virus found its way in. Thankfully, I’m not experiencing too many symptoms due to my daily nutritional regime.

Here are some easy-to-implement remedies I’ve been using to feel better quicker and detox this inflammation from my body. 

  1. BioCap Immune: A special vitamin mix to lower viral load. If unavailable, get the ingredients separately for liver support. I’m using NAC and Zinc to make my own immune booster along with D3 plus K2.
  2. Inflammation: Turmeric, skullcap, and propolis combo to reduce inflammation. Great for COVID-induced anxiety.
  3. Licorice Root: Clinically proven to speed up recovery but not advised for high blood pressure or if you’re on blood pressure meds.
  4. Vitamin D3 with K2: Boosts immunity and mental clarity. I recommend Thorne Vitamin D3 with K2.
  5. Hydration: plain water is perfect, but if you like flavour, try LMNT for clean electrolytes. Coconut water is a good natural option.
  6. Fruits, especially Pineapple: Bromelain in pineapple is a natural inflammation reducer. Watermelon, strawberries, cantaloupe, or oranges also help replenish nutrients.
  7. Additional remedies: Garlic, turmeric, bone broth with ghee, and Throat Coat Organic Tea can aid recovery and soothe your throat.

Obviously, I’d like nothing more than this virus to go away, but in case you do get it, you are armed with a more holistic way to support your body and hopefully lessen the length of time you’re down. 

Wishing you a healthy holidays


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